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Package 1 (South Gobi-Hot spring “Tsenkher”-Khustai) PDF Print E-mail

Package 1 “Jeep Safari” (Code: 1PK15)

Included services:
Accommodation in traditional Mongolian gers, full board, all transfers, entrance fees and guide services.




1. day Drive to the Mount Zorgol Khairkhan. Overnight in Ger.
2. day Drive to Baga Gazryn Chuluu, hiking in the rock mountain. Overnight in ger.
3. day Drive to South Gobi, arrival in the Gobi Camp. Overnight in ger
4. day Excursion to Yolyn Am (Vulture’s Gorge) and to the sand dunes. Overnight in ger.
5. day Drive to Ongiin Gol, by the way visit the Flaming Cliffs (dinosaur excavation site) and saxaul forest. Visit camel breeders, possibility to ride a camel. Overnight in ger.
6. day

Drive to Kharkhorin- the ancient capital of Mongolian Empire. Overnight in gers.

7. day Visit the Erdene Zuu Monastery -the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Excursion to Orkhon River. Overnight in ger.
8. day Drive to Tsetserleg, visit the Natural museum. Drive to Tamir, overnight in ger by Taikhar rock.
9. day Drive to National Park Khorgo - Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. Overnight in ger.
10-11. days

Excursion to the clear freshwater lake Terkhiin Tsagaan ( and to the extinct volcano Khorgo Mountain. Visit a herdsman’s family, which keeps Yaks. Opportunity to ride Mongolian horses, yaks and to fish. Overnight in ger.

12. day Drive to hot spa Tsenkher. Overnight in ger.
13. day

Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai, where a combination of mountains, forest and Gobi Desert -style landscapes. Overnight in ger.

14. day

Drive to Hustain Nuruu National park. Visit the park (Przewalski horses). Overnight in ger.

15. day Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the WTM London, 03-06.Nov 2014.
Please visit us at our stand AS560

We are the official partner country of the ITB Berlin, 04-08.Mar 2015.
Hall 26-C, Mongolia stand.


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