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Botanical Tour 1 (Code: 1BO13)

Included services:
Shared double accommodation in good middle class hotel, countryside accommodation in Mongolian gers and in tents, full board, all transfers, domestic flights, entrance fees and guide


1. day Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel. Sightseeing, including the functioning Gandan monastery and the Natural History Museum. Overnight in hotel.
2. day Flight to Gobi. Excursion to the sand dunes, visit a camel breeding family. Possibility to ride a camel. Plant watching. Overnight in gers.
3-5. days Excursion to Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountains, visit Yolyn Am (Vulture’s Gorge). Plant watching. (Allium altaicum, Juniperussabina, Thymus gobicus, Astragolussaichanensis, SaussureaSaichanensis, Potaninomongolica, Ephedra Przewalskii, ZygophyllumPotaninii). Overnight in tents.
5-7. days Excursion to the Flaming Cliffs (dinosaur excavationsite) and saxsaul forest, plants watching (Cynomoriumsongoricum, Caryopterismongolica, Brachanthemumgobicum, Artemisia xerophytica, Haloxylonammodendron). Overnight in tents.
8. day Drive back to the Camp, free time. Overnight in gers.
9. day

Flight back to Ulaanbaatar and drive to Terelj national park - exploring the scenic mountain areas abundant with edelweiss fields. Overnight in gers.

10-11. days Trekking and plant watching in the mountain areas. (Rhododendron dahuricum, Lycopodiumalpinum, Rhododendron parvifolium, Juniperusdahurica, Leontopodicumochroleunim).Overnight in gers.
12. day Drive to Ulaanbaatar. Visit the Bogd Khaan Winter Palace. Overnight in hotel.
13. day Transfer to airport or to train station. Depart.


Mongolian Flora

Mongolia’s diverse and distinctive vegetation includes an important part of Asia’s plant life. Species representative of Siberia’s coniferous taiga forest, Central Asia’s steppe and desert, and the Altai and Sayan mountains are all occur here. Steppe plants from Kazakhstan grow beside Manchurian steppe flowers. More than 3000 species vascular plants, 927 lichens, 437 mosses, 875 fungi, and numerous algae shave been recorded. Many other species, however, remain to be classified. Mongolia’s flora includes almost 150 endemic plants (Adonis mongolica, Betula mongolica, Stipa mongolorum, Nanophyton mongolicum, Potanino mongolica) and nearly 100 relict species (Ephedra przewalskii, Keamurea songorica, Cynomorium songoricum, Iljinia regelii, Populus diversifolia, Halimodendron Halodendron, Oxytropis grubovii, Abies Sibirica, Nymphaea candida). Over 100 plant species are listed in the Mongolian Red Book as rare or endangered.



We are looking forward to seeing you at the WTM London, 03-06.Nov 2014.
Please visit us at our stand AS560

We are the official partner country of the ITB Berlin, 04-08.Mar 2015.
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