Package 15 (Khustai –Terelj) Print

Package – Khustai-Terelj (Code: 15PK4)

Included services:
Accommodation in Mongolian gers (yurt), full board, all transfers, entrance fees and guide services.




1. day

Drive to Khustain Nuruu. Visit the Ger-Museum and seeing the wild horse Przewalski - Takhi. Visit a horse breeding family. Possibility to ride a Mongolian horse. Overnight in gers.

2. day Drive to National park Terelj - exploring the scenic mountain areas abundant with edelweiss fields. Overnight in gers.
3. day Trekking or hiking in mountain areas or relax in the silence. Possibility to ride a horse. Overnight in gers.
4. day Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, Transfer to Hotel.